New Educator Induction

Mentoring and Professional Development for New Educators
Induction Strategy: Teacher Inductions focused on great teacher model; Principal induction focused on typical new-hire challenges; Coaches inducted in student-centered coaching model & Great Teaching Mattersthrough a three year induction program. New MMSD first year educators receive one-on-one mentoring from four full-time mentors. In addition all new educators to the district participate in six New Educator Seminars throughout their first two years focused on equity and access. New Educators meet in small groups to discuss issues of practice with faciliators from UW-Madison School of Education and MMSD.

Book Cover for Despite the Best Intentions: How Racial Inequality Thrives in Good Schools by Amanda E. Lewis & John B. DiamondSeminars:

  • Excellence with Equity / Promising Practices for Common Concerns
    John Diamond, UW-Madison Hoefs-Bascom Professor of Education, addressed the new educators by sharing the impetus behind his book and parallels with MMSD. New Educators broke into job alike sessions with facilitators for in-depth discussions.

Video Report from Design Team Meeting - February 18, 2015

  • New Teacher Induction - The New Teacher Induction Team reported a key aspect of the work this year has been defining the role of the mentor and its relationship to coaching. Mentors have been focused on helping new teachers by questioning and probing into the teacher’s goals and assumptions of student learning. 


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