Instructional Coaching

Developing and training in a comprehensive district wide student-centered coaching model:
Over the past year through training, instructional coaches are now rooted in the work of student-centered coaching.  By working with the School of Education and (consultant and student-centered coach) Diane Sweeney, coaches are helping teachers analyze student work and craft strategies to move all students forward.  Teachers are making data driven decisions and student work is the data that they use to advance learning for all.

Video Report from Design Team Meeting - February 18, 2015Induction Strategy: Teacher Inductions focused on great teacher model; Principal induction focused on typical new-hire challenges; Coaches inducted in student-centered coaching model & Great Teaching Matters

  • Instructional Coaching - The Instructional Coaching Design Team reported that year one has been focused on defining and adopting the student centered coaching model in the district. 


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